Slate bed Pool Tables

July 3, 2009

Slate Bed Pool Tables are considered to be the  best option when choosing a pool table.  Not only do pros swear by the feel and accuracy of shots when played on slate beds but most amateurs and home players will choose a slate bed pool table for exactly these same reasons. .! While the material utilized for the construction of the playing surface is essential to the overall quality of the pool table it’s far from being the only essential factor, numerous selections in the construction procedure combine to give the best quality pool table.

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The Frame and Legs

July 3, 2009

The frame and the legs of a slate bed pool table are the most visible aspects, along with the felt. Generally the use of hardwood materials is considered to offer the best looks and the best quality, although other options, including MDF, exist. Ultimately it all depends on the design you choose and normally will be determined by the look that you wish to achieve but can include walnut, cherry, and oak. These materials have will obviously be more robust and better looking than veneers and MDF type products.

Slate bed Pool Table Frame

July 3, 2009

A wooden frame is applied above the legs on a slate bed pool table and the more beams and cross beams that exist the sturdier and more resilient the table is going to be. Two beams running down the length of the table and two cross beams offers an extremely strongly constructed design that will easily cope under the load of the slate and the weight of people lying on the table to take long shots. The width of the frame itself is an relevant factor and the larger in diameter the better in most cases.